Tuesday, August 10, 2010

FID: Head -- Heart -- Soul

In a previous post (yesterday), I mentioned that what I had written dealt was the "HEAD" part of the story, verses the “HEART” or “SOUL”. If I am successful, I will touch all three parts: head—learn something; heart—feel something; soul—inspired to do something. I should make note that, in regard to these three parts, my blogs (unmasked by dramatic scenes) will include much more information than will be found in the actual novels.

My greatest adventures in reading have occurred within stories that move me in one of the three parts: head, heart, or soul. As a writer, I consider it a worthy challenge to attempt to include all three within the same story; and do it in a way that the reader is almost unaware until after a reflective look back. These are the kinds of stories that resonate and often pull readers in for a second read.

When I first begin to develop my story ideas, I often think of allegories and Hemingway’s Iceberg Theory (also known as the “theory of omission”). Simply put, my aim is to create stories with substance layered within the story, either through the storyline or within the characters or places. It is a daunting task that is often only possible when I am able to allow the full expression of my subconscious.


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