Friday, August 6, 2010

FTP: Visiting Chapter 14

In chapter 14, Ryan visits the Rosecran National Park located on Point Loma in hopes of determining if the woman he loves is willing to leave all that she knows to join him on the greatest adventure of his life. He uses the three key locations (cemetery, light house, monument of J.R. Cabrillo) in a specific way to help discover the true heart of the woman he wants to marry.

I first wrote chapter 14 in the visitor's center at Point Loma after spending the day there. Sue Marie and I recently revisited these key places and read from the book and traced the steps of Ryan. It was Sue Marie's first visit to Point Loma.

Just to the left of the statue of J.R. Cabrillo, on the other side of the bay, you can see the Hotel del Coronado--another key location in the story.

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